Baby, Hollywood is a hard place to hold. Just when you think you got it, some other twizzler comes by and swipes it out of your head.

So here comes to save you from your own sins by showcasing the biggest sin of all-CELEBRITY.

You might be wondering who is behind such a sweet deal?

No, it’s not the Weinsteins.

Nope, it aint even Mikeo Eisner.

Nope, not Joan Rivers.

No, not Kathy Griffin, sorry.

One name (well actually two if you want to be technical)=SPARKLE SHINING.

Miss Sparkle Shining resides underneath the first layer of soil underneath the third layer of rock underneath the building of Nantucket Fruits in Los Angeles, California.

She used to have a public access show on Channel 69 three years ago, but the FCC shut her down just like they did to Christian Slater in “Pump Up the Volume”.

So now, she is here now, right now, with you, watching you, watch her watch over all the wonderful “artists” in Tinsletown.

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